Children of the Snow Land


Part of this documentary was filmed by the children themselves, whom we taught filmmaking at the Snow Land School - they learned FAST!

Armed with cameras and solar chargers (their destinations are fully off grid) they captured their every step of the biggest journeys of their lives.

The cameras enabled the children to shoot their own diary footage, capture candid family life and some awe inspiring scenery to add to our professionally shot footage.

The result is a fresh insight into both ancient Himalayan culture and into the hearts and minds of children who grew up wondering why their parents sent them away, and what it's like to rediscover family after a decade apart.

Nima Gurung

Nima was born in the Himalayas ‘Upper Dolpo’ region - the highest inhabited place on earth.  As a boy Nima was cared for by his father alone; but he could not cope and brought Nima to Snow Land School aged 6. Nima hasn’t seen his father since that day.

In the film, now aged 17, he begins a death-defying trek to his homeland in the hope of meeting his father again. Nima is a keen photographer and captured some of the film’s most stunning high altitude images.

Tsering Deki

Tsering arrived at Snow Land School at just 4 years old, carried on her Auntie’s back all the way from her home in Humla province in the far North West of the Himalayas. 

Despite the upset and hardship of being separated from her mother, she studied hard and later helped to look after younger children at the school. For twelve years she didn’t see her family.  

At the age of 16 in the film as she embarks on her trek back to Humla, her one wish is to meet, and hug her mother once more.

Jeewan Mahatara

Jeewan comes from the Lower Dolpo area, the son of a farmer. Their income was not enough to look after him properly so they brought him to Snow Land School aged 6.

He excelled and got top grades in his final exams and has embraced social networks, dancing and the modern outlook of the capital city. 

A decade after arriving, aged 16, Jeewan cannot wait to trek home to be reunited with his parents; but has reservations of what life may be like in his homeland.