Children of the Snow Land

CHILDREN OF THE SNOW LAND is an important documentary, which aims to shine a light on the remote communities of the Himalayas to help more Himalayan children to stay connected with their families throughout education.

It has been really inspiring to see how many people have responded to the children.  One of the questions that often comes up after people watch the film is "How can I get involved? How can I help?"

When we finished filming we knew we wanted to stay in touch with the children we feature in the film, to help them continue to thrive in their lives, and we continue to support them as much as we can.

We were delighted to learn that watching the film helped to relieve the pain for the younger children educated away from home, thinking their parents don't love them. We also wanted to help them reconnect them with their families, so we set up a Going Home Campaign, in partnership with Future Village Foundation, to fund more children from Snowland School to go home and see their families. It costs $2,000 per child for this journey (this covers travel costs, guide, porters, food, suitable clothing, shoes, bedding and tents for the cold walk home across mountains). Every little towards this helps.

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