Children of the Snow Land

Schools can now use the film as an educational tool

Achieve curriculum goals in a unique and engaging way.

Lessons for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4.

Can be taught remotely or in the classroom.  

Suitable for home schooling parents to teach.

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Schools Package includes:

Children of the Snow Land Film, 

Introductory Films, 

Lesson Plans,

School Resources Pack, 

Access to online school members group.

An authentic, real-world teaching experience.

Learning from the inspiring young people in the film helps to build international mindedness, resilience and compassion in students.

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Why teach with us?

The stories of the children and young people in the film teach incredible perspective, hope and heart: the three young protagonists have spent their lives from age 4 until age 16 living and studying inside the Snowland School grounds, without contact with their families.

However they have emerged as 16 year old teenagers with all the qualities and strength we need: patience, gratitude for the life they have, and determination to make the most of the education for which they have made such a sacrifice.  

Teaching life skills

The patience, hope, courage, resilience and character these young people demonstrate is relevant and inspiring for pupils worldwide, as is their determination to make the most of their education and the world they can access, no matter how limited that may be. 

Lesson Plan Subjects:

Key Stages 2, 3 and 4

PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education)


Design Technology



Film / Media Studies

Home Economics / Cooking

Religious Studies / Education (to study Buddhism & Hinduism)

Schools package details:

Choice of 52 minute or 93 minute version of ‘Children of the Snow Land’ documentary film

Introductory films 

Lesson Plan(s)

Schools Resource Pack

Access to our members-only Snowland Schoolfriends Group for sharing students’ work with both the Snowland School students in Nepal (as featured in the film) and other schools within our group.

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