Children of the Snow Land

Snow Land Journeys : Trekking Charity Launch

The funding for the journeys home featured in the film is no longer secure and so director Zara Balfour is now launching a trekking charity to enable more children to be reconnected with their parents upon their graduation from Snow Land School.

The charity, Snow Land Journeys, will offer people the chance to go on the treks featured in the documentary itself, accompanying the children as they journey home upon graduation from the school.

By going on the journey with the children, trekkers will be directly helping to fund the children to make that journey home. This will ensure that every year the graduating children will be able to see their families again after ten long years away at school.

The first treks will be in April 2020.  

For more information, to sign up for a trek, or to sponsor a child’s education, please email

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