Children of the Snow Land

If you can't see a screening of Children of the Snow Land near you, then we can help you organise your own screening!

Private and Community Screenings

We would like Children of the Snow Land to be shown in every town in the country - not just in cinemas, but in community halls and film clubs and at the meetings of campaigning groups.

The easiest way to set up your screening is to fill out the form on this page with all the details about the screening.

We also have a 'How To' document which you can download here, which will guide you through organising your own screening of 'Children of the Snow Land'.

We charge £150 + VAT for private or community screenings, slightly more for festivals/political groups, schools or workplace screenings, depending on audience size and licence term required.

This fee goes towards recouping the costs of production and distribution and also helps to ensure the children featured in the film are able to survive financially after their schooling.

We suggest that you charge a screening entrance fee, however small, to reflect the value of the film and the labour involved in making it. Any money you make from your screening entrance fee sales is yours to keep.

We can assist with helping promote your screening by advertising it on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and in our newsletters.

We can also help to arrange a Q&A with the filmmakers.

This will incur extra costs however, which may include travel expenses.

Educational / Academic Screenings

Children of the Snow Land is proving popular with Social Studies, Economics and Public Health students and academics.

If you would like to screen Children of the Snow Land at your University / College / School as part of a course or just as a one-off screening, we can help you with that.

We charge £150 + VAT for one time screenings of the film, or we can supply you with a library license which means you can screen the film indefinitely and/or across several venues.

Host a Screening